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  So I don’t blog about other artists much, but I wanted to take a moment to say what I think about about one of my favorite musicians. I’m talking about Hank Williams. Now, I could, when I say Hank Williams is one of my favorite musicians, be talking about Hank Sr. or I could be talking about Jr. - but right now I’m talking about Hank III. (I am indeed a big fan of all three generations of Hank Williams) Now, some people don’t recognize him as a country singer, because of his other work - but the fact is that he is one of the best COUNTRY artists alive today. That guy shows the talent that is in his blood, AND I can think of no one else right now who is doing such a top-notch job of balancing being both an innovator of modern music, as well as a defender and keeper of genuine, honest-to-god traditional country music. If I got the opportunity to speak to that man all I would want to say is, “Well done, sir”. That’s all. 

Blue Ridge Boogie
James McDoom

James McDoom on lap steel guitar

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EVER SINCE YOU CAUGHT THAT TRAIN original song by James McDoom

tell ya what then

If anybody wants to talk about bein’ OUTLAW - well, I FLATPICK with STEEL guitar. Now THAT’S OUTLAW, ya’ll - mess with THAT one Mr. Toby Keith.

Flying High original song by  James McDoom

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Rest In Peace

Doc Watson, legend of folk, bluegrass, and country music passed away today at 89 years old. Goodbye, sir. See you on the other side.

If one more…

…person becomes a huge “country music” star via American Idol I am going to start shooting. This is about principles GODDAMMIT. Most of the people who vote on that show think that so long as the singer is redneck/hillbilly enough then whatever the hell they sing is country music. Could sing showtunes for all these fools know. Pop country = NOT country.